How should we be using Twitter for Marketing?

If you are a social media marketer and select Twitter as the best platform for social media marketing, use these tips! 

Twitter for Marketing

Twitter boasts 217 million monetizable users per day so it involves a well-established social media marketing strategy to create and publish content on the platform. No doubt, Twitter is the greatest platform for increasing your brand awareness, creating a wide audience, and fine-tuning your social media marketing strategy. But do you know how to create a Twitter marketing strategy to grow your presence and drive engagement? Let’s learn about that through this FAQ session! 

What is the Twitter marketing strategy?

Simply put, Twitter’s marketing strategy is a marketing strategy for Twitter advertising. The key goal is to increase your audience, advertise your products, and drive traffic to your website. A Twitter marketing strategy is a plan for your buyer personas, audience, and followers through Twitter, centered around creating, publishing, and distributing content. However, make sure your strategy is aligned with your business goals and the style of the network if you approach Twitter marketing.

With that said, you can use these tips to guide the Twitter marketing strategy accurately. 

What are the tips for using Twitter for marketing?

  1. Go through your Twitter account

The first thing to do is to run a Twitter audit if you already have an existing Twitter profile. You can use these tools to complete your Twitter analytics:

  • Hashtag performance
  • Individual Tweet performance
  • Individual Twitter audience

Knowing which Tweets are performing the best and most popular, you can get an idea of which content your audience is most interested in seeing. 

  1. Find your own Twitter voice

Twitter audiences are always looking for brands that Tweet truly and stand true to their voice. So, if you follow the latest trends, don’t lose your brand voice. 

  1. Use Twitter hashtags and trends

Hashtags are a great way to expose your brand to your new audience or new followers. It is particularly effective for connecting your brand with the latest trends on Twitter. Moreover, you can increase brands that saw a 3% lift in purchase intent by using hashtags. Many popular brands make hashtags for various campaigns and use them in relevant Tweets. Also, you can use this tip for your brand.

  1. Use Twitter ads

You can use paid ads on Twitter to reach a wide audience in a more straightforward way. Promoted Tweets can expand your reach more easily and quickly than you think. 

  1. Find out what time is the best for Tweet

It is essential to find out what time your followers or audience is most active on Twitter or what time they are most engaging with your posts. This fact will allow you to display your Tweets to an even bigger audience.

  1. Always engage with your Twitter followers

Twitter is always run from its audience so it is essential to keep a better communication with your audience. And, keep in mind that if someone mentions your brand or responds to a Tweet, quickly respond to their message in a timely fashion.

  1. Keep measurable Twitter goals

It is essential to keep measurable goals that will keep your plan on track for your Twitter marketing strategy. These goals will help your business to succeed in its overall marketing goals. 

Final thought

So, if you are a social media marketer and select Twitter as the best platform for social media marketing, use these tips! 

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