What are the top 10 Social Media Apps?

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 social media apps and sites in 2023. Learn more about how many users each site has, its key benefits, and why it might be a great fit for your brand.

top 10 Social Media Apps

Social media is everywhere. It is not an easy thing to find out which social media platforms will be most helpful for investing our time and money because new apps are popping up every day. If you need to go with industry devotees like Instagram and Facebook? Or if you target the younger generation who daily use Snapchat and TikTok? So, what are the best social media platforms in 2023? Do you have any ideas?

This is why we’ve put together a list of the top 10 social media apps and sites in 2023. Learn more about how many users each site has, its key benefits, and why it might be a great fit for your brand. Keep reading at the end! 

The top most famous social media apps in 2023


2.93 billion monthly active users

  • This is the largest social media platform
  • This is a complete advertisement platform that allows you to grow your audience

Facebook is the number one anymore. Sure, the platform that you connect with your friends, lovelies, and neighbors is still there, and still as famous as ever (even more so, actually). This is one of the long-lasting social media apps. It provides many advanced features and makes it easier for businesses to reach their audiences and attract people. Facebook is a great platform for nearly every business with over 3 billion monthly active users.


YouTube has 2 billion monthly active users

  • YouTube is the first video-sharing platform for long-form video content
  • It has the second most advanced search engine with its own form of YouTube SEO
  • If you want to share educational and product-led content, it has a perfect video library

YouTube is the most popular video-hosting platform available. It’s a great platform to share long-form any type of content with their audience. You can create playlists for each series to organize them on your YouTube channel. This is the second most famous social media platform for long-form videos.


2 billion monthly active users

  • World-famous social messaging app
  • Messages are completely free to send

Unlike SMS, WhatsApp messages are free to send. If you use WhatsApp for customer service and retention, you apparently know its prospective for brands is wide and clearly under-leveraged.  Try to crack WhatsApp, you can have a direct marketing channel to your audience. So, this is a great platform for increasing your business growth.


Also, 2 billion monthly active users

  • A visual content platform for sharing stylized photos, videos, and more
  • Short-form videos and Instagram reels that are widely spread among viewers 
  • You can use filters, stickers, and audio clips to create visual content

Instagram is owned by Facebook’s Meta company. Instagram is a visual social media platform that turns around video and image content. Instagram also has stories and reels that help users to reach their audience. Instagram is great for brands with a visual product to photograph and showcase as a visual social media platform.


Only 1 billion monthly active users

  • Short-form, scrollable, and easily digestible video content
  • An easy-to-navigate search feature that Gen Z uses frequently
  • It helps you to create engaging videos using audio clips, captions, and stickers 

TikTok was the first alternative for the Instagram Reels feature, leading the charge in short-form video content. And it is the best for short videos. All people and brands can take advantage of this app; the only thing is to be creative with your content. Then, you can easily create a large audience. 


538 million monthly active users

  • The widely used social media platform among teenage generation

You definitely go with Snapchat when your target demographic is young or teenage. The most active users on Snapchat are 13-year-olds, and they’re spending upwards of 30 minutes a day on the app. Snapchat is a platform for user-generated content, behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive offers, and influencer takeovers.


433 million active users

  • For online shopping and finding new products, this is an ideal Visual search engine
  • Shoppable Pins can make your online shopping easiest
  • Pinterest SEO helps your pins show up in searches

Pinterest is another visual social media platform that is perfect for e-commerce platforms. However, to promote content from their website and increase web traffic, brands can also design infographics and blog graphics. Just organize a branded graphic or two that you can reuse for each blog post you share on Pinterest.


  • Gathering with endless rooms called “subreddits” focusing on difficult topics
  • Reddit has industry-specific discussions in subreddits dedicated to your niche
  • To add more to your forum responses, you can use your blog content and educational videos 

Reddit is a popular online forum with subreddits on nearly any topic you could think of finance, marketing, tech, etc. Create a brand account for your responses. You can also sponsor topics to get even more awareness on the platform for brands.


830 million members

  • Professional B2B platform for networking, job searching and recruiting
  • The platform for long-form articles you can share with your audience
  • You can post polls to begin conversations with your connections

LinkedIn is the widely used platform for professional brands and business-to-business marketing. You can create profiles alongside companies, making this the easiest way for both C-Suite team members and the brand itself to grow future customers.


229 million daily active users

  • Brands have an opportunity to craft and hone their voice

Twitter is clever and personable, while still being informative and helpful.

Why should we use social media daily?

Social media platforms offer a better path for extending your expected audience where they already are. About 4.8 billion of the world’s population are active social media users, spending an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes accessing social media daily. Using social media, we can do more things and keep in mind that social media has both good and bad sides. So, use social media only for useful things! 


In conclusion, different platforms have different features which often makes them more suitable for specific brands and industries. So, be selective! Find out the best platform for your audience to use, and then customize your campaign to grow them! 

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