Should I join Social Media?

Before using social media, it is essential to know about the good side and bad side of this social media. So here we go!

join Social Media

Do you think you should be on social media but are you still hesitant about it? What are the highlights and challenges of social media? While I was also hesitant, the facts I found about social media are in this article. So, according to my experience, here’s what you need to know about before you dive into social media.

Social media changes from time to time. So it’s essential to go on with the advancements of social media platforms and to look for methods to improve your use of the available tools. Let’s see why you should join social media and should not join social media. Read my social media journey! 

What is social media?

Briefly, social media is a collective term for websites and applications that focus on communication, community-based input, interaction, content-sharing, and collaboration. Globally, more than 4.8 people use social media daily, and normally, more than half of the world uses social media.

Why should you join or not join social media?

Just as I mentioned above, before using social media, it is essential to know about the good side and bad side of this social media. That’s why I did this research part and then I found these most important pros and cons of social media:

Advantages of using social media 

  • You can publish your thoughts online easily
  • Social media is a free source of information
  • You can make social contacts
  • It lets you to the truth to get out
  • Social media is a great communication tool for you
  • It is a better platform for self-development
  • It can be educational
  • You can grow your business through social media
  • You can improve your career opportunities
  • You can touch with the world daily
  • It supports and encourages creativity  
  • It entertains your life
  • You can easily earn money with social media  
  • It can help disarm the social stigma  
  • It stores unprecedented amounts of historical information

Disadvantages of social media

  • Social media can increase online persecute
  • Social media is the biggest problem for your privacy and safety
  • Anyone can use social media as a tool for misused to spread misinformation
  • It can affect interpersonal relationships and your mental health
  • It can be a reason for sleeplessness
  • Many people use social media to leak private information so it can also be a threat to your life
  • Increase stress
  • It can be a cause of laziness and helps people procrastinate
  • It leads to dispersion in society

Social media can be good for you

Fortunately, social media doesn’t have to be all negative. You can always try those that offer you the most value and enrich your life with these amazing platforms, while there are negative aspects to all social media platforms.

If you’re looking to give social media a great beginning, you have to look at the top social media platforms around and pick the ones that seem the most attractive to you. Now, it is your time to discuss “Should I join social media or not”. Even if you use social media, remember to use it for valuable things! 

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