What info do I need to join Social Media?

Before diving into social media platforms, there are a few things to know clearly. But in order for social media to work effectively, you need to have a better knowledge about it.

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Are you a die-hard social media fan? Are you a daily user of social media? Now, we can see there are so many new platforms so it can be difficult to know where to start; Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Snapchat, Vine, Periscope, and more platforms. 

Before diving into social media platforms, there are a few things to know clearly. But in order for social media to work effectively, you need to have a better knowledge about social media. So, read this simple FAQ session before signing up for another social media account, and determine whether social media is the right strategy for you. Keep reading! 

FAQ session about things to know before using social media

  1. What is your purpose in the use of social media?

Before you join a social media platform, you have to plan what you want to achieve, or there is simply no point in doing it. You may want to achieve any number of goals with social media perhaps increase traffic and brand awareness, engage with your audience, or maintain your online presence.

You should have to plan what you need to do with this social media. Make a strategy and plan to decipher how society will achieve this.

  1. Where is your target audience?

Before using social media, stop and think about who is your target audience. You should have a clear idea about how your target audience is using these platforms and when. 

  1. How will you use social media?

You need to develop a master plan about how your business will use social media. You should have to plan what information you will post, how your brand will be represented, and how you behave to positive and negative comments.

  1. Which platform suits your business?

Don’t waste your time to join all social media platforms at once. Start by selecting the most worthwhile platforms that are right for your business. For example, if you have a corporate business in growing your professional network then LinkedIn is the most suitable platform.

  1. What are the security settings?

Keep in mind that you are aware of the security settings on social media platforms that you use to make sure that your privacy settings are up to date. Always read the terms and conditions of each site to ensure you are aware of its rules and regulations.

  1. Do you hope to prepare for a long relationship with social media?

As we know, social media is not just a one-time thing. It takes some time to follow on social media. And to locate your business as a great member of an online community. Join deep-rooted social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. Because these platforms have the future to continue for a long time.

  1. How do you measure your social media success?

Through traffic, Likes, Shares, Followers, Impressions or Click-through-rate. It is important to understand your goals for social media and measure against awareness, engagement, and conversion rate to clearly define what success looks like.


Before joining social media, make sure to know these simple things. Simply answering these questions will help you to decide whether social media is a valuable platform for you and whether you have the time, money, and expertise to tap into this potentially valuable marketing opportunity.

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