How should we be using Google+ for Marketing?

To reach a wide audience, boost your SEO, increase sales, and for more things, you can use the amazing Google+ platform. Take all facts here!

Google+ for Marketing

Google+ marketing, that’s probably something you’re overly familiar with. I mean, everyone is familiar with Google already, so it would be a good idea to create a social media platform around it. 50% of users sign on daily to Google+ and now it has over 150 million active monthly users. Wow! So with that maybe Google+ is a great platform for businesses after all. But do you have a clear idea about how we use Google+ for marketing? 

Not only is Google+ marketing a normal idea, but it is a great idea! So, if you want to fine-tune your marketing idea with Google+ read this short blog! 

Tips for using Google+ to boost your marketing

To reach a wide audience, boost your SEO, increase sales, and for more things, you can use the amazing Google+ platform. Through this blog, we’re going to take a look at essential marketing tips for Google Plus.

  1. Personalize Google+ for your business

The first thing you’ve to do is start your Google+ business page to personalize it for your brand. You will be ready to get started with your marketing when you personalize your profile. To achieve this, describe your business clearly, show who you are as a business, and Hyperlink text as a call to action for people to click through to your site.

  1. Start a community

Create a private or public community. You can create a small group of private teams with your clients. It’s also a great method to keep all of your assistance, information, and conversations in one place.

Or, you can create public communities to engage with your audience. 

  1. Team meetings with Google Hangouts

This is similar to Facebook and Google Hangouts is a video chat option that only can hold up to 10 people at once. It’s a better option for meeting with attendees in different locations, managing groups, board meetings, and even social discussions.

  1. Organize special events on G+

Through Google+, you can create more special events such as promoting your organization’s special RSVP events, webinars, classes, sales and promotional events, celebrations, and meetings. It allows you to:

  • Share images and videos with everyone at the event
  • You can sync the event with your Google Calendar automatically
  • If some person can’t attend the event, you can schedule Hangouts
  1. Use relevant keywords and links on your About page

You can also link your audience back to specific pages and services from this page, directing potential customers to the most important pages on your website. For that, use relevant links to your brand or product.

  1. Create posts with visual markups and CTAs;

If you’re a beginner to this Google+, this will be advanced for you. But bear with me! The visual markups are usable for adding bold, italics, numbered lists, and other details to your text to help your post get highlighted. If you want to say, “I would encourage you to click the links above to learn more”, you can use CTAs.

  1. Post often and optimize for the best search results

It is essential to include keywords within your posts so that they will show up in your followers’ search results. 

Google+ has affordable features that allow you to connect with your audience through its significance for SEO. So follow these simple facts and you’ll be on your way to Google Plus success!

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