Are Social Media Platforms safe to use?

Are you safe on social media? follow these tips to ensure your safety on social media, threats and risks can be mitigated by the cautious use of social media.

Social Media Platforms safe

Are you safe on social media? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms help you to stay in touch with your lovelies on this planet. Still, it’s important to remember that these platforms can pose risks if you aren’t thoughtful about how you use them and how much time you spend on these social media. 

However, follow these tips to ensure your safety on social media, threats and risks can be mitigated by the cautious use of social media. Let us explore the many risks that come with social media, how to limit them, and some tips to ensure safety on social media platforms.

Risks come with social media and how to control them

  1. Unmanaged social media accounts

Inactive or dormant social media accounts for a long time are a big target for hackers. It can be used to post fraudulent content, misleading information, and virus-infected links or malware, once a dormant or inactive account is hacked. So, it is essential to check your social media accounts to ensure those are not hacked.

  1. Fake accounts

Accounts that seem to be real but on close inspection turn out to be fake are known as fake accounts. There are millions of fake accounts reported on social media every year. The problem with these accounts is that they can spread false information, rumors, offensive content, and a lot more. Always be careful to keep your account, so that your personal information is not used to create fake accounts.

  1. Privacy

Many people, even brands, accept the platform’s “Default Settings” when they create a new social media account. But these “Default Settings” don’t work as you expected to protect your personal information. So, it is better to manually secure your profile on any social media platform. And don’t put your info like phone numbers and email addresses on these social media platforms.

  1. Scams and phishing attacks

Don’t share your passwords or other sensitive information in any case with anyone to secure yourself from phishing attacks. Also, do not open and download files from unknown sources.

Tips for staying safe on these social media platforms?

  1. Don’t overshare your information

Exposes you, your loved ones, and also your physical belongings to local and online criminals by posting personal information on social media sites. So, don’t post your numbers, addresses, location, etc. in text or media.

  1. Ensure strong privacy settings

Repeatedly check your social media accounts are protected with the strongest privacy settings. And check that the only people you know can see your posts or info. 

  1. Keep safe your device

It is essential to keep your device safe with a strong password. Select a password for your device that is strong and uncommon.

  1. Deactivate Geotagging

Using Geotagging, anyone and everyone can see where you are at any given time. Still, if you post your experience of a place or an event on your social media handles, post it at a later date. Otherwise, anyone can easily find your location and it is a big risk for your privacy and safety.

Closing thought

So, before using social media and posting everything on these social media platforms, give your attention to these privacy facts. It is essential to confirm your safety while using social media! 

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